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Become late on all your bank card payments and forget about your vehicle payment for a few months! They are some great options to make yourself to financial doom! It really is an easy plan to set up; you can break it down into simply three simple steps to make sure a person create the biggest problems for the finances as possible.

The applicant has to match the eligibility conditions. These circumstances are that the applicant can be a USA citizen, he/she needs to be above 18 years of age, they should have a stable bank account plus he/she should have a fixed work.

The beauty of these types of loans is that the application process of these loans is very simple. You just need to fill an internet form and the loan procedure will start instantly. The lender by no means asks you to go through any kind of faxing procedures. You are furthermore not required to undergo any unattractive documentation. All you need to do would be to apply for the loan with the internet. You just need to fill up an online form and the mortgage process will start instantly.

Instant easy payday loans carry a bit high rate of interest, due to its short-term nature. No longer worry! If you carefully study online financial market it is possible to access right financial offer for yourself at affordable prices. Online application processing is simple, smooth and reliable. This even saves much of your own precious time. To apply for the mortgage you just have to fill up an easy application form.

These loans are made to help you meet all your short-term needs and you can repay the cash after getting the paycheck. The very good news is that this form of mortgage is guaranteed in spite of poor credit. To have the loan simply by this scheme, neither any kind of co-signer is required nor any kind of security to be given. Furthermore, the credit detail using this scheme is not worried about this loan scheme. Any kind of UK citizen can make an application for it. So be ready to eliminate your financial problems by simply submitting an online application form.

People who do not have a shade that belongs to them but want the money to meet their requirements may take the help of loans for poor debt

Consolidating your debt as one of the cheap loans with decrease monthly repayments can be a good way to lower your monthly bills plus enable you to reduce your debt quicker. It is difficult to pay off your financial troubles when you are unable to afford to repay more than your minimum payment per month. Avail for easy loans regarding bad debts that will help you to acquire money within a less possible period.

The internet payday loan application takes you regarding 5 minutes and the payday loan companies will give you an answer immediately, which means you do not have to wait to inquire if you would like you for your mortgage approved at a bank- Shimshon9 who does payday loans without a bank account. You are going to receive an e-mail nearly immediately from the lender.

You must carefully consider each one of these pros and cons of payday loans just before attempting to apply for it. If you feel you can manage to pay the necessary amount on your next payday, go for it. Otherwise, you can always discover another option.

Credit for free? This is how banks trick tricksters into loan offers

Berlin – If you risk a look into the advertising brochures of banks, you might think that loans and mortgages are almost for free. However, the fact is that the bill is usually deceptive. For banks have nothing to give away and many dream interest turns out to be sham.


Picture: Dream house 

The reason: Most banks work with dirt cheap shop window interest rates: Real estate spaces are met from 3.3 percent, consumer needs via installment credit from 3.99 percent. The interest is linked to the personal creditworthiness of the applicant. This means that those who are not in a bomb-proof job must pay interest premiums.

Especially with real estate loans, there are plenty of other reasons for surcharges. Self-employed people have to pay more, buyers of rented condominiums, real estate financiers with special repayment rights anyway and even with loan sums in addition to the row (especially for smaller sums) surcharges on the window display interest rates must be taken into account.

Remaining debt insurance causes interest to explode

In addition, a popular game is especially for installment loans: If the interest rates are in the basement, banks like to sell the appropriate residual debt insurance to the offer. The problem with it: The premiums for the insurances let the favorable interest often explode to a XXL interest. Even with smaller loan volumes, the costs for the mostly superfluous insurance cover amount to up to 25 percent of the loan amount. As a result, the effective interest rates can rise quickly by up to 50 percent – there are appropriate term life insurance for a few euros.

Long repayment period increases the cost of the loan immensely

For real estate loans, the banks also like to turn to the eradication screw. The lower the repayment, the longer the contracts run and the more interest the bank earns on the customer. And while installment loans are still paying attention to how long the contracts are running, developers and real estate buyers attach particular importance to a low rate. And that is best achieved by keeping the eradication low. And so the standard repayment is today when buying real estate at 1 percent. That is, the rate is calculated on the amount of interest plus 1 percent of the financed purchase price. At 100,000 euros and 5 percent interest that would be 6,000 euros annually. The problem with it: With 1 per cent repayment in the example, builders pay off the property in just 36 years – the interest burden over the 36 years: 115.459 euros with constant interest. If you increase the repayment to 2 percent, you pay 83 euros more per month, but you have paid off the loan after about 25 years. Total interest paid: 75,752 euros. At 3 percent repayment, there are even only about 57,000 euros.

Fees are supposed to secure return of the banks

In addition, when interest rates are in the basement, banks often think about fees designed to secure banks’ returns. And so small surcharges often come with large surcharges: processing fees are due, property cost estimation costs, partial payment surcharges, or provision fees. The list is long and it is unlikely that it will be shorter in the future. Borrowers should have all ancillary costs explicitly stated and agree with the bank that the costs are listed exhaustively. Only with all costs, consumers can actually determine which bank is the cheapest.



Worldwide protection against accidents at leisure

Worldwide protection against accidents at leisure



  • Secure extreme case of disability
  • Protection even in sport, household and leisure accidents
  • Services for renovations in the house
  • Many additional and top performances in the comparison calculator

What is a private accident insurance?

Private accident insurance offers financial security in the event of serious accidents. This also applies in situations where legal protection does not apply. Thus, the insurance is recommended to all people who can not easily handle the extra expenses and income losses after an accident. In addition to a one-off payment, those interested can additionally arrange a monthly accident pension with the accident insurance.

The most important thing about accident insurance

  • What is the difference between legal and private accident insurance?
  • How much does the accident insurance pay after an accident?
  • What are the contributions to the accident insurance?
  • When does the insurance pay an accident pension?
  • Is accident insurance useful?
  • Accident insurance for children or seniors
  • Accident insurance with premium refund
  • Cancel accident insurance
  • With the comparison calculator at the optimal rate

What is the difference between legal and private accident insurance?

Many people assume that they are protected by the statutory accident insurance at all times. In fact, the statutory insurance provider provides support – but only if the accident at work, in the daycare center, school or training center is, or it is a so-called commuting accident. This means that all accidents that happen at leisure are not covered .

In addition, the statutory accident insurance mainly reimburses the costs of medical treatment measures and rehabilitation. Employees also receive a replacement salary for longer illness instead of sickness benefit as soon as the employer no longer offers continued pay after six weeks.

However, if reconstruction work becomes necessary after an accident in the house, or if a new, disabled-accessible car has to be purchased, the statutory accident insurance offers no support. Private accident insurance , on the other hand, pays a larger sum of money for disability . The insured can use this money as he wishes. What is more important, however, is that private accident insurance also covers accidents that happen during leisure time, sports or in the home. That covers about 70 percent of all accidents.

How much does the accident insurance pay after an accident?

Upon conclusion of the private accident insurance, a certain sum insured or principal amount is agreed. The higher the degree of disability after an accident, the greater the proportion paid by the insurance company . Insurance experts recommend choosing at least two to three times the gross annual income, so that the protection provided by the accident insurance is sufficient.

In addition, accident insurance usually contains a progression. For example, with a progression of 350 percent, the payout increases to 350 percent of the base amount in the case of full disability. Instead of € 100,000 insured persons receive € 350,000 from the insurance.

The insurance benefits paid after an accident thus depend on the sum insured, the progression and the degree of disability . The degree of disability is calculated on the basis of the so-called member tax, which varies from insurer to insurer. For example, it states that the loss of one thumb corresponds to 20 percent disability. A comparison calculator for the accident insurance gives information on the individual rates for each tariff. Thus, some insurers assess the loss of the thumb with 35 percent or more.


Depending on the degree of disability falls
the amount of payments

What are the contributions to the accident insurance?

The contributions to the accident insurance depend on the scope of the agreed services as well as some personal factors. The higher the sum insured and the progression, the higher premiums insured persons must invest in accident prevention . It is possible to agree on some additional benefits which also affect the contributions. These include:

  • a hospital daily allowance,
  • a recovery money,
  • an immediate payment for serious injuries and
  • lifetime pension payments.

The contributions are also based on the age and occupation of the policyholder and whether it is a single rate or a family rate. But even with the same basic conditions, there are significant cost differences for the various providers. With an accident insurance comparison calculator, interested parties can quickly and easily get an overview of available tariffs and the respective costs.

For example, for a 30-year government employee in the public sector, there are already offers of less than € 70 per annum for accident insurance in the amount of € 100,000 and a progression of 350 per cent.

When does the insurance pay an accident pension?

The accident pension is an additional benefit of the private accident insurance , the interested parties agree upon conclusion of the contract with the provider. However, not all insurers offer such a pension. In addition, the contributions are increased by a pension. Therefore, consumers should consider whether, in the event of a major accident, they only need a high one-off benefit, such as home remodeling, or whether they want to permanently compensate for loss of income. If the latter is the case, however, a disability insurance is often recommended.

If insureds wish to receive a pension, they must know that the monthly payment for most contracts is paid from 50% disability. This corresponds, for example, to the loss of a leg below the knee.

Is accident insurance really useful?

Only private accident insurance closes the gap created by the statutory accident insurance. The additional accident insurance can offer any services that are enormously important for hedging. It applies worldwide and protects insured even on vacation . Especially for working people who can not take out occupational disability insurance, accident insurance makes sense to provide financial compensation for the loss of income that can occur temporarily or even permanently after a serious accident.

Editorial Tip

Many old accident policies offer only very incomplete insurance cover or too little disability benefits. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare the current accident insurance with current offers and change if necessary.

Accident insurance for children or seniors

There are some accident insurances that are specifically tailored to the needs of individual groups. Accident insurance for children includes, for example, increased benefits for vaccine damage or the reimbursement of cosmetic surgeries after an accident .

Accident protection for senior citizens, on the other hand, often involves the reimbursement of expenses for home help and after-accident care. In the meantime, however, normal accident policies often offer these benefits. If you want to protect your child or are already older and wish support after an accident, you can also find suitable policies with a tariff calculator.

Accident insurance with premium refund

The accident insurance with premium refund is a special variant of private accident insurance. The premiums for a corresponding policy are often much higher than for a regular accident insurance, as this is a combination of accident and life insurance. After the end of the contract or in the event of death of the insured , the insurance pays part of the paid-in contributions plus surpluses . However, consumer advocates usually advise against this form of accident insurance.

Cancel accident insurance

As a rule, private accident insurance is automatically extended by one year if you do not cancel your contract three months before the agreed end of the contract at the latest . However, some insurers also offer multi-year contracts, which can only be terminated after the contractually agreed term has expired. In addition to ordinary dismissal, policyholders always have a right to an extraordinary termination following a claim .

With the comparison calculator at the optimal rate

Would you like a high level of performance at a low price? Then use our free rate calculator to find the right accident insurance! Our accident insurance comparison helps you to choose the appropriate rate by comparing both the cost and the benefits of many current rates . You can then easily inform yourself about the individual advantages and disadvantages of the offers and choose the tariff that best suits your expectations.



Banco Sabadell offers to buy the preferred and subordinated debt of the CAM

Banco Sabadell offers to buy the preferred and subordinated debt of the CAM

  • Those who accept the purchase offer must automatically allocate the cash received to the purchase of shares of Banco de Sabadell.
  • This operation will be carried out within the framework of Banco CAM’s integration process with the group of credit entities of the Catalan entity.
  • The CEO of Sabadell says that the rescue of the bank “will not flow the credit” and accuses politicians of lying to ensure otherwise.
Banco Sabadell

Jaume Guardiola, CEO of Banco Sabadell. EFE / ARCHIVE

Banco de Sabadell has made a purchase offer , in cash, of all the preferred shares and subordinated debt securities of Banco CAM’s issuances, the entity that has just acquired.

The board of directors of the Catalan entity agreed to make this offer of purchase during the meeting held on Wednesday, following the powers conferred by agreement of the General Shareholders’ Meeting on May 31, as reported to the National Market Commission of Securities (CNMV).

The board of directors of the Catalan entity agreed to make this purchase offer during its meeting on Wednesday Those who accept the purchase offer must automatically allocate the cash received to the purchase of shares of Banco de Sabadell , through a public offer of subscription of shares of new issue and sale of treasury stock that will be carried out simultaneously.


This transaction will be carried out within the framework of the integration process of Banco CAM in the group of credit institutions of Banco de Sabadell, once the restructuring plan of the CAM has been known.

The values ​​of the CAM will be initially evaluated at 100% of their nominal value , which will be paid in cash, although subject to the condition of reinvestment in shares of Banco de Sabadell. At the same time, those who accept the offer will be entitled to receive in cash up to an additional 2 % of the nominal value of the securities purchased as deferred payment , which will not be subject, in this case, to their subsequent reinvestment.

The maximum effective amount of the purchase offer will therefore be 2,021 million euros , which is equivalent to 124% of the nominal value of the existing securities.

Banco Sabadell aims to strengthen the capital structure of the Sabadell Group and offer the current holders of preferred shares and CAM subordinated debt the possibility of accessing more liquid securities , according to the note sent to the CNMV.

“Neither European aid nor financial reform will make credit flow”

The CEO of Banc Sabadell, Jaume Guardiola, has also assured that European aid to Spanish banks and the financial reform that is being carried out “will not” make the credit flow in the coming years .

a Accuses politicians of lying by assuring that bank sanitation alone will get credit flowing In the XII “Public Service Colloquium-Private management: public policies for reactivation”, organized by Iese business school, Guardiola has stressed that the current reforms are a “necessary but not sufficient” condition for the recovery of credit .

In fact, he has predicted that the credit will fall in the coming years, which, in his opinion, ” will enter a certain normality ” and has accused politicians of lying by assuring that bank sanitation alone will get credit flowing .

“The loan of 100,000 million euros can be definitive to know who falls and who does not , but it will not be in macroeconomic terms to boost growth,” said Guardiola.

According to the CEO of Banco Sabadell, the credit problem is due, in the first place, to a weak demand caused by the high rate of unemployment and the collapse of the purchase of homes and, in addition, by a credit offer that has qualified as “very restrictive”.

In this regard, he stressed that financial institutions are exposed to minimum capital requirements “very high and scrupulous” by the European Union, in addition to the necessary provisions to comply with the decrees of sanitation of the financial sector by the Government Spanish.